Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Westside Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response (updated Saturday, April 11)

With the current events surrounding the virus, we are taking several measures to reduce our exposure. All worship and bible classes are being conducted remotely and there will not be services at the building.
We will evaluate the conditions again in the weeks to come.  Please continue to pray for our congregation, our leaders and care providers and that our world will turn to God at this time. 

Sunday, April 12, details

  • Our Sunday service will be available through Zoom conferencing at 9AM for Westside members, non-members can join us on Facebook Live 

  • We will post out services on Facebook and on the website shortly afterwards 

Wednesday bible study details

  • Our study will be available through Zoom conferencing for Westside members - reach out to a member if you would like to join


Monthly Recurring Events (all cancelled for now due to the above information):

  • 1st Sunday, 1:30p - Invite someone to lunch or dinner
  • 2nd Sunday, 1:30p - Sermon discussion at a member's home
  • 3rd Sunday, 1:30p - Men's & women's studies at the building
  • 4th Sunday, 1:30p - Monthly singing at a member's home
  • 5th Sunday, 1:30p - Hour of prayer at the building

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Bible Study
Special Events
Sunday Evening Gathering
Worship Assemblies
Sun AM Bible Class
12/02/18, 09:00am
Sun AM Worship
12/02/18, 10:00am
Wed PM Bible Study
12/05/18, 07:30pm
Sun AM Bible Class
12/09/18, 09:00am
Sun AM Worship
12/09/18, 10:00am
Wed PM Bible Study
12/12/18, 07:30pm
Sun AM Bible Class
12/16/18, 09:00am
Sun AM Worship
12/16/18, 10:00am
Wed PM Bible Study
12/19/18, 07:30pm
Sun AM Bible Class
12/23/18, 09:00am
Sun AM Worship
12/23/18, 10:00am
Wed PM Bible Study
12/26/18, 07:30pm
Sun AM Bible Class
12/30/18, 09:00am
Sun AM Worship
12/30/18, 10:00am