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About Us

By Larry Campbell

“Can anything good come out of Nazareth?”  Philip and Nathanael were talking.  Philip had asked his friend to meet someone and gave him a little background.  When Nathanael heard the man was from Nazareth, he was skeptical.  His skepticism may have come from experience, or prejudice or any number of unknown motives.  But Philip did not try to conquer his friend’s reluctance with arguments or opinions of his own.  He made a simple offer – “Come and see.”

Like Philip and Nathanael, you have your own convictions and experiences.  You may be searching for a change or you may be content.  You may be interested, or skeptical.  Knowing everyone is different; it is difficult to know how someone will react to an invitation to hear the gospel.  That is why we are asking you to simply – “Come and see.”

The gospel of John begins with the divine; noble words that will stir honest hearts.  Then we see the human and humble, God in the flesh, working among men.  In that very first chapter it comes down to two men talking and the objection overcome with the simple invitation, “come and see”.

I have never met a person who could reason who didn’t need to know Jesus.  Do you know Him?

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